personal developpement

This is the essential starting point of an evolutionary journey, the beginning of a conscious awareness that will take you toward your dreams, desires, passions and objectives.
The workshop that connects you to the unique source of your being, a prerequisite for embracing your emergent life.
You will delve into your authentic values and explore what wants to emerge in your personal and professional life. Individual and group activities will stimulate a childlike, nonjudgmental curiosity within you and put you in touch with the wisdom of your biggest dreams and goals. At the end of this course, you will have increased awareness into what it will take for you to live a resonant life, in alignment with your unique essence.

Important information

duration 2 full days

maximum number of participants: 16


Is this workshop for me?

If you’re going through a time of transition, if life is demanding you to change, or if you’re simply tired of the everyday hum-drum… this could just be the workshop for you.

Do I need any particular background?

No, simply a desire to change and to evolve.

How is this different from other workshops?

We create a playground-like environment to accompany you through a self-discovery process by using experiential exercises and real-life situations to foster your learning. This incredible cocktail of lightness and depth will provide you with a new awareness to begin building your emerging future.

What will I take away from this workshop?

A new awareness about yourself that will allow you to shine the light on your own personal path toward fulfillment.

What’s available for me after this workshop?

If you’re really yearning for your best possible future, we’ve created arc essence in action just for you. Our mission is to incite you to become the author and creator of your life.

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