Charliberty, Equality, Fraternity

French flag and tearsThe year 2015 arrives with many challenges, plenty of New Year’s resolutions, dreams, hopes . . . and just after the holiday festivities we are struck by the tragedy of Charlie Hebdo to remind us that freedom, tolerance, and love are values that need to be cultivated in order to be able to live in harmony. It is from this freedom, the right to express ourselves, that we can express our full human potential and use our technological prowess not only to raise human consciousness, but to also protect Life, the life on this planet which impacts the life of all its inhabitants.
Nothing can justify the barbarous acts of killing “free thinkers” with the objective of “killing” the freedom of expression. But we also know that a growing number of people are no longer willing to accept the unacceptable. From these moments of shock, sadness, and anger, the unacceptable additionally takes into account those people who try to penalize the Muslim community as a whole, a community of people who have no link to the fundamentalist extremists who perpetrated the atrocious acts of violence that go completely against the evolution of humanity.
Freedom of expression is a human rightWe can no longer accept the ethnocentricity of certain individuals who manipulate the values of freedom and liberty, who are often the same people participating in demonstrations against gay marriage, preventing same-sex couples from freely showing their love for each other. These people would take advantage of this tragic situation to pass “moral laws” that point in the exact same direction as the extremists and contradict the values of openness and tolerance that are part of our postindustrial society. To these people as well, we say “JE SUIS CHARLIE” — “I am Charlie”.
The events leading up to Charlie Hebdo and the aftermath of these events present us with an opportunity to update our beliefs regardless of our religious or political affiliation or of our sexual orientation. Do our actions and our beliefs put us in a position of elitism, nationalism, racism, or machismo? Or do our actions open up our hearts to all human beings? One thing is certain: we can no longer continue to live by polluting the planet, stripping the earth of all its resources, believing that women are inferior to men, and increasing the gap between the haves and the have nots (which is multiplying by the minute) . . . It is time to no longer accept the unacceptable.
2015 hits us with a huge wake-up call — a call asking us to RETHINK. We can be, every single one of us, a catalyst to provoke change and elevate the level of consciousness in the different vital sectors impacting our emergent future. It is our responsibility and our duty to give a new breath of fresh air to an evolutionary movement, which includes and transcends the legacies of the past, and participate in the co-creation of a new paradigm shift in different areas that impact all of humanity in the 21st century: work, education, family, the environment, relationships, religion, spirituality, entrepreneurship . . .
We are convinced, more than ever, that people are basically good and that we need to change all the systems that no longer correspond to our reality — with tiny steps and with huge steps. The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo rekindles our determination to continue in the evolution of le playground and its evolutionary “playing fields” to accompany those leaders and changemakers who are ready to rock the world to inspire and activate the best improbable future for our planet.