Children v.21

Lourdes Gutierrez and Marco Frediani
Lourdes Gutierrez & Marco Frediani
le playground: an ideal playing field to dream and create the new paradigm for children of the 21st century, our leaders of tomorrow!
2015 comes with many magnificent challenges. And as you already know, we love to attain the ImProbable . . . Living in a world of uncertainty, in the midst of a huge economic, social, environmental and spiritual paradigm shift, we are ready to use our bows and arrows to aim, disrupt and reveal the unique creative essence of our future leaders who are no longer willing to accept the unacceptable.
During our different trainings last year, our participants asked us on several occasions, “What is being done in the world of children and education?” There’s been a knocking on the door saying this is urgent — this is a field that needs attention and it’s vital for the Future of Humanity . . .
So on December 18, 2014, the very first circle of 13 “archers” came together to talk about today’s children and many other diverse and related topics essential to the way children experience life in the 21st century, topics that can no longer be looked at from an Industrial Era mindset.
Accompanying, mentoring and/or tutoring children and adolescents, including the field of education and educators, teachers, parents and the role of the “new” family, are all themes that were passionately discussed among this new circle of changemakers. Children were the focal point — these precious beings who live in a completely different reality than we did when we were children. This circle’s mission is both exhilarating and difficult. The areas that touch child development are so vast that one of the circle’s ambitions is to respond to and update many of the different “worlds” of our children’s environments that are obsolete; it is clear that we are no longer meeting their needs.
painted childrens handsEducation as we knew it is no longer adapted to a reality in which there is no need to mold everyone to fit into an Industrial Era map of the world. Today children have all types of information, both good and bad, readily available to them on the Internet via a plethora of electronic devices. At school it is no longer sufficient for a child to simply memorize information and regurgitate it; today’s child needs to feel capable of looking for information and using his creativity to be able to make something new. The 21st-century child needs to learn to navigate, express his ideas, find new ways to do things, gather all his resources, and learn to cocreate within a team (even when many already benefit from easy access to the collective intelligence). Our children need to learn to trust their intuition. Many of today’s children and adolescents are much more evolved in the intangible intelligences and have deeper access to sensations, feelings, and visions — they come wired with an incredibly developed emotional and energetic sensitivity. These children desperately need us to be able to meet them in their world, which sometimes goes beyond our rational capacity to understand. And yet, there is a calling for us to be able to give them the tools, competencies and our experiences, both in the tangible and intangible realms, in order for them to reach their highest aspirations. It’s not about making them fit into a box which no longer makes any sense.
We know that the path ahead will be difficult — it’s a true multidisciplinary and multidimensional challenge that this circle has embarked on. This circle of evolutionary leaders has taken it upon itself to create a new discipline that includes and transcends our previous ones.
We are still feeling the resonance of this first encounter — the passion, the glances exchanged, the emotional intensity. It was like being witness to something that is bigger than ourselves and, at the same time, having the conviction that we have something to transmit at this particular moment of our human evolution. There’s a reverberation of plotting a scheme that is both powerful and fluid — it’s the fire of this circle, each one of us being magnificently different from the others and being able to cocreate something beyond our single-minded comprehension.
We are experiencing a moment of expansion, of realization of ImProbable dreams — the creation of an evolutionary movement. This first circle fuels our vision to create other circles of “archers” who provoke change and inspire evolution in other areas that need us to think differently and act differently. To be continued . . .
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