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our why

The current postindustrial era presents us with complex challenges we have not previously faced: technology, globalization, climate change, lack of resources, outdated paradigms and myriad other issues that are evolving at a dizzying rate. We are faced with a human crisis where achievement and traditional success are no longer enough, and where more and more individuals and organizations are searching for meaning and purpose. Conventional forms of leadership are no longer sufficient. Today’s conscious leaders are required to foster organizations with soul in order to navigate the unknown, adapt rapidly to new challenges, and be able to create from complexity to transform chaos into possibility.
At le playground, our passion is working with organizations, companies and individuals who wish to rethink their business and go through a process of transformational change. This is a must to work with us. 
We believe in the potential of human beings and in their ability to challenge the status quo for their personal and professional evolution, creating from a place of fulfillment and meaning in service to a greater cause. Our mission is to arm conscious leaders with the heart and courage to disrupt old systems which no longer work and co-create new social, economic and spiritual paradigms to accelerate our best emerging evolution.

in-house and retreat services

We provide transformational postconventional leadership interventions and retreats which allow individuals, relationships and teams to reach deeper consciousness, accelerate their best emerging evolution and achieve impactful results. Our postconventional leadership development services include:

Team and relationship evolution acceleration circles to go to the next level.
21st century competencies workshops  which include emergent vision and re-invention, intentional communication, powerful presentations, multicultural power of co-creation, co-creative mindset, (r)evolutionary organizations, evolutionary intrapreneurship, arc leadership program, arc leadercoach training.
Leader essence in action individual sessions for corporate & organizational leaders and entrepreneurs.
Public courses: arc leadership, arc leadercoach essence curriculum and certification, arc (r)evolutionary entrepreneurship

We provide all these services in English, French and Spanish.


Our interventions and postconventional leadership programs produce tangible and intangible results which enhance:
conscious individual leadership

be present and lead with the power and wisdom or your own creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage
lead from your highest potential to leverage your different intelligences: cognitive, relational, artistic, logico-mathematical, spiritual to create intentional impact
create from complexity and from the unknown, transforming chaos and failure into possibility

relational intelligence

increase your capacity to co-create among team members, departments, clients and stakeholders
hold difficult and improbable conversations to allow a new awareness to emerge
encourage an environment of diversity and intersections of knowledge and expertise to converge

governance and cultural intelligence

foster a cutting-edge culture which promotes innovation, attracts and retains impactful, creative and high-potential leaders
practice the art and science of updating & upgrading to be avant-garde
create alignment with the highest intention for each objective prioritized


‘le playground fundamentally understands that being able to deliver performance in an organization is about being able to work really well together in teams, and to have those teams to be high performing, to have the relationships within those teams being high performing. . . They also understand that it’s not only about team performance but also about how we as individuals show up to work and how we show up to what we do, not just in terms of skills but in terms of the purpose we have behind it.’, George Roter, co-founder & former CEO of Engineers Without Borders Canada
‘if you are really serious about it, putting yourself on the line and completely working on who you want to be, this is the place to do it’, Jane Mobille, Leadership Communications Consultant
Some of our clients include:
alstomcapgeminichevrondow-chemicalsÉcole des hautes études en science socialesEngineers Without Bordersfootlockerfordhiltonphilipsgobaintereos
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