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Our entire planet is going through a massive par­a­digm shift, with crises and op­por­tu­ni­ties im­pact­ing every sector of society.  Faced with nav­i­gat­ing through this crit­i­cal moment in history, we can see that now more than ever, people need not just coach­ing but a real trans­for­ma­tional change – a type of in-depth, per­sonal coach­ing that touches every di­men­sion of the human spirit and reveals its great­est, highest po­ten­tial.
This re­quires a lead­er­coach capable of ac­com­pa­ny­ing clients with strong per­son­al­i­ties in all types of sit­u­a­tions, meeting them as leader to leader.
arc lead­er­coach essence is the program that offers you exactly what you need to learn to do this type of in­te­gral trans­for­ma­tional coach­ing. In order to max­i­mize your learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, our courses are de­signed to give you in-depth ex­pe­ri­en­tial learn­ing start­ing from the moment you step into the class­room.
At the same time that you are learn­ing to use the tan­gi­ble and in­tan­gi­ble skills and com­pe­ten­cies of the arc model, you are also doing ex­ten­sive work on your­self.
This double di­men­sion of per­son­ally going through an in­te­gral process while also ac­com­pa­ny­ing others allows you to re­in­force your lead­er­ship and use your cre­ativ­ity, cu­rios­ity, com­pas­sion and courage to become a lead­er­coach with impact.

important information

duration : four 3-day modules

maximum number of participants : 18


This program is designed to train you as an impactful arc leadercoach who knows how to integrate the tangible and intangible skills and competencies, where technique and art unite, to create powerful and profound coaching sessions that touch the human spirit in all its dimensions to create change that is fulfilling, sustainable and transformational.
At the end of this program, as an arc leadercoach practitioner you will be able to :

  • Integrate the power of your creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage to bring out the full potential of your clients;
  • coach all the dimensions of your clients’ lives, professional and personal, including body, mind and spirit;
  • explore polarities in order to unfold the wisdom that lives in the tension between two opposites;
  • accompany leaders with strong personalities in demanding high-level work environments;
  • be with any type of emotion and accompany your client with empathy and courage to the heart of transformation;
  • hold a space where being and doing work together to create sustainable change;
  • go over and beyond your comfort zone, enabling your clients to take risks to reach their improbable possible future.


Creativity is the catalyst of this exploratory workshop that opens the doors to the world of possibilities.

Going beyond your own limits, you will use space, body movement, imagination and play to facilitate coaching sessions that allow your clients to explore new perspectives, even when they feel they’re at an impasse. The tools, competencies and skills acquired in this workshop, enhanced by your creativity, will exponentially increase your capacity to accompany your clients in finding innovative solutions as they move toward their dreams.

This workshop focuses on the use of deep curiosity as a driving force to explore your clients’ best possible emergent future.

Explore the wisdom of dreams and values, including conflicting values, in order to reveal your clients’ unique essence, giving them the consciousness and motivation to overcome obstacles to their desired life. During this workshop you will begin to integrate the skills and impactful tools needed to create awareness of your clients’ conscious and unconscious needs and desires. This in-depth work will put them on the path of alignment with their resonant and authentic selves, ready to commit to their extraordinary improbable future.

This intangible inner world is home to the emotions, perceptions and feelings at the heart of lasting transformation.

Living in a society where everything is focused on speed and results, many people remain anchored to patterns of the past. Others wait for the future with apprehension, never taking the time to fully enjoy the present moment. In this intensive course, you will acquire the skills and competencies to accompany your clients into their inner world, that special place where all the intangibles coexist – intuitions, feelings, emotions – everything that lives in the present. As you work on expanding your own emotional intelligence, you will learn to be fully present in the here and now, able to be with any emotion that may emerge. You will know how to accompany your clients in expressing their suppressed feelings and emotions and transforming them into creative energy.

As an arc leadercoach, you will combine science and art, the tangible and intangible to provoke change and inspire evolution.

In this last course, you will unfold your unique style as an arc leadercoach while at the same time integrating everything you’ve learned from the previous courses. You will be able to accompany your clients in the most intense, difficult and challenging situations, taking them to the edge to find their motivation and courage to evolve. This high-impact course will expose you to the all the elements necessary to embrace a postconventional stance as an arc practitioner. You will be fully equipped to accompany high-level executives, entrepreneurs and demanding individuals who require a leadercoach able to meet them in their power to stimulate their excellence and challenge them in their leadership.


Is this program for me?

If you’re fascinated by the infinite power of the human potential and ready to challenge the status quo for the personal and professional fulfillment of your clients, this program that includes and transcends conventional coaching may be for you. 
Are you a coach, consultant or working in a field of personal growth? arc leadercoach essence integrates the tangible competencies and intangible soft skills such as listening, empathy, imagination, curiosity and intuition in order to take your practice to a higher dimension.

Do I need any particular background?

Yes, the deep-seated desire to accompany people toward their biggest dreams and goals with the conviction that each human being has in them all the resources necessary to evolve.

How is this different from other programs?

By its highly experiential nature which is both fun and profound, as you will be doing some intensive work on yourself in order to integrate the conventional tools of coaching with the intangible soft skills to become a postconventional leadercoach. This is the magical ingredient that will enable you to accompany your clients toward their most desired improbable dreams.

What will I take away from this program?

A powerful avant-garde set of skills coupled with a unique leadership style of coaching – an integral combination which will enable you to facilitate deep, playful and creative coaching sessions while staying connected to your unique essence and to your clients’, in order to empower them toward their best possible emergent future.

What’s available for me after this course?

It all depends on you! If you’d like to go further, we offer two different paths which are complementary and you can choose to do one or the other, or both, depending on your desire.
If you want to reach the highest standards in the field of human transformation, arc certification intessence will enable you to attain the excellence of an arc leadercoach. In becoming an arc certified professional leadercoach (acpl), you will become a member of a growing international community of professional postconventional leadercoaches.
If you want to strengthen your leadership, lead teams, become a team leadercoach, or if you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, human resource director, or hold a leadership position and are looking to enhance your intentional impact, arc leadership emergessence could be the path for you.

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