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In our complex postin­dus­trial world we are facing chal­lenges we have never faced before. Tech­nol­ogy, glob­al­iza­tion, climate change, lack of natural re­sources, un­lim­ited access to in­for­ma­tion via the In­ter­net, and myriad other issues are evolv­ing at a dizzy­ing rate.
The con­ven­tional form of lead­er­ship from the in­dus­trial era, heavily focused on the tan­gi­bles, is no longer suf­fi­cient. Today’s leaders are re­quired to nav­i­gate in the unknown, adapt rapidly to new chal­lenges and be able to create from any sit­u­a­tion and trans­form chaos into pos­si­bil­ity.
In re­sponse to this need, le play­ground has created arc lead­er­ship emergessence, a post­con­ven­tional and ex­pe­ri­en­tial program focused on bring­ing out your full human po­ten­tial. With this lead­er­ship model you will dis­cover the in­tan­gi­ble qual­i­ties and di­men­sions nec­es­sary to trans­form the un­ex­pected into a pool of cre­ativ­ity.
You will be chal­lenged to surpass your­self to become the leader of your life. Con­nected to your unique essence, you will be able to lead, inspire, mo­ti­vate and ac­com­pany any kind of team in any kind of sit­u­a­tion. By tapping into the in­di­vid­ual and col­lec­tive wisdom of the “we”, you will be able to meet the chal­lenges of our time.

important information

duration: 4 modules of 2 and a half days

maximum number of participants: 30


This program is designed so that you can have an intense and profound personal leadership experience that will allow you to challenge the status quo and facilitate transformational change. At the end of this program, you will be able to :

  • enhance your leadership fully by incorporating the power of your creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage;
  • capitalize on your different intelligences – emotional/intrapersonal, artistic, relational, logical, bodily-kinesthetic, spiritual…
  • lead with intention from your unique essence to have your desired impact on your life and on those you lead;
  • use all the tangible and intangible skills and competencies of the arc model in order to respond to and create from complexity;
  • accompany individuals and teams in different situations that require you to go over and beyond your own comfort zone;
  • lead, inspire and motivate teams to reach their full potential;
  • create and present an impactful project – a professional project, a community project, a project for the world… or even a dream that lives inside you, just waiting to be expressed.


This course will take you to a new consciousness of openness, nonjudgment and emotional flexibility, allowing you to accompany any type of relationship in its own unique evolution.

You will plunge into the world of relationship, beginning with an in-depth exploration of the relationship that you have with yourself. You will learn to listen to the wisdom that exists within your multiple intelligences to enhance the power of your own authentic leadership. This internal work will serve as a springboard for you to begin practicing certain aspects of the arc philosophy – looking at the “we” dimension of relationships and teams, with a capacity to hold the space for everything that wants to evolve. At the end of this course, you will have acquired the tools, competencies and leadership skills to facilitate communication and accompany transformation, even in conflicting relationships.

During this course you will navigate in unknown waters to surpass yourself as a leader and fully embrace your creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage.

You will embark on an intense journey as a leader, integrating instinct and intuition to explore unknown territories where you will exceed your own limits in order to lead with intention in any circumstance. These interactive experiences, along with the tools and competencies of the arc model, will allow you to coach relationships and teams no matter what the situation or the “emotional climate” of the relationship might be. At the end of this course, you will be able to work with the diverse levels of consciousness and cultures present in each group and use impactful techniques to facilitate the best emergent future for each relationship.

This course will add a new scope to your leadership as you discover your strengths and use them to reinforce your intended impact. You will also become aware of your unintended impact, being able to fully own it and transform it into creative potential.

You will deepen your leadership experience as you work with both your intended and unintended impacts. As a leader, you will learn to lean on your strengths and create the impact you desire. You will integrate new tools and techniques that are specific to coaching high-level teams in the corporate, political, educational, artistic and sports worlds. In this course, you will begin to design your evolutionary impact project destined for your most intimate circle, your company, your community, or the world, or simply create a project of impact that is an integral part of an improbable dream.

Entering into the world of subtleties and nuances, energy is the course that connects your tangible competencies to your intangible knowledge and inner wisdom to transform you into an impactful leader.

You will acquire the leadership tools and skills that allow you to combine the visible and the invisible into a magical dance between the tangible and the intangible. You will be challenged to get in touch with your authentic essence, keeping you grounded while leaving you free to create from the elements available in even the most difficult situations.
At the end of this final course, you will be able to accompany any type of team or relationship, conscious that you have the integral knowledge and know-how to hold the space for different types of energies to express and transform themselves into what needs to evolve. You will be on the verge of the tipping point to being the symphony conductor of your Life, your Work, your Projects, and your Contribution to the world. It’s all up to you!

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