One Single Step Can Change Everything

Thi Bich Doan
Thi Bich Doan
The passage to a new year is symbolically significant: the end of the year festivities, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s resolutions . . . We feel confident that it’s possible to build, to create new opportunities, to realize our dreams and bring our projects into fruition. We all wish each other the best without any limitations.
With the twelfth stroke of midnight on December 31, the New Year begins. The leap takes place naturally, with ease, without us having to put any effort into it – all in a fraction of a second. So what makes the difference? Why is it that everyone participates in this great change, many of us hoping that it will even revolutionize our lives? Could it simply be consciousness, the fact of being conscious and acting consciously?
What if we were conscious of each second that passes, of every opportunity that comes our way during our unavoidable movement forward in time? What if we were to set our intentions, our choices, our actions every time we wanted, even when our energy is drained from facing the turmoils of everyday life? It’s not about encumbering ourselves with repeated obligations without any discernment to motivate us, but rather giving ourselves the space to be in touch with our inner clarity and to liberate our impulsive forces.
How? Personally, I find my fundamental resources in the 4 C’s of the arc model (creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage). It’s not a figment of my imagination but a real observation after the achievement of a very long university endeavour followed by a new professional activity as an energy healing practitioner. On December 17, 2014, I did the oral defense of my dissertation at the Sorbonne University. The topic of my thesis was “Direct Perceptive Experience”. Between 2011 and 2014 I was also taking arc leadership emergessence and arc leadercoach certification courses at le playground, and both of these provided a steady and profound support for my doctoral research work linking science, art and spirituality and the “oneness” of body, mind and spirit.
Life mentors like Lourdes and Marco believe in you and in your potential and are willing to push you in order for you to express it in full force, when perhaps you would have settled for displaying it more quietly. They uncompromisingly bring you to see your shadow side that keeps you safe in your comfort zone and take you to the challenge of overcoming it, going beyond it and expressing it in front of the entire group. In my case, they knew that my force would be to dare to welcome my vulnerability. Behind my intellectual rigor, my martial arts armour and my spiritual wisdom, they knew how to touch the sensitivity of my heart.
Sprout through concreteThe heart is like a fragile sprout that sneaks out through the cement cracks to flourish with the sun’s rays: when this sprout struggles to find the light under the weight of its past stories, it would be a pity not to collect the nurturing water that can nourish it so it can make its own way.
It’s not the other flowers or an external miracle that makes the flower flourish, but the flower itself when it uses its own resources to get in touch with its inner strength. The sap coming up from the earth to nourish it and help it blossom is the universal life force shared by all. Let’s not forget that we are all interrelated and that each step we take is a contribution to the collective energy, which in turn opens us up and transforms us above and beyond our individual personality.
The year 2015 begins with a first step and will be followed by other steps, surrounded by all the steps from everyone else. Let’s offer ourselves the gift of appreciating each of our steps, as uncertain as they may be (were not our first steps as a baby a huge achievement?). Let’s accept with gratitude and discernment the gift offered to us by those who have taken other steps before ours. Let’s give thanks to life for allowing us to walk side by side, to fulfill in ourselves and in those around us that which is most dear to our hearts. This is my invitation, just a small step but one that fills me with joy: the joy of understanding after a frantic and victorious race that one step at a time is sufficient to advance in the right direction.
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