The Postconventional Entrepreneurs’ Revolution

rethink with / penser autrement avec le playground

Disrupting to create the future

In a recent email from one of the fellow students at SSEO (School of Social Entrepreneurs Ontario), we received the following testimonial after a three-day leadership training this past May:

“…Marco and Lourdes are pioneers in a new leadership model that brings a new consciousness to leadership development. le playground celebrates the human heart, the innate intelligence of our souls, and together with our greatest intentions teaches us that we can create magic in a world that needs innovative and authentic leaders. I really, truly love what you are doing and I hope you both reach the hearts of the many international corporations and businesses that have people within them who  are praying for someone like you both to come along and unleash their power to do good in the world.”Natalia Savone

Natalia Savone’s words truly hit the core of what we do. In today’s postindustrial society with its technological innovations and widespread access to free communication, constant change happens at the speed of light. Unfortunately, most conventional corporations are fighting to survive or expand with short-term cosmetic solutions from the Industrial Era that are not adapted to our current times and changing needs.
At le playground, one of our passions is working with companies and organizations that truly wish to go through a process of transformational change, a completely different way of doing things – companies who wish to RETHINK the way they do business, RETHINK the way they treat their employees, RETHINK their definition of leadership and how they express it, RETHINK their impact on the planet and its limited resources. It takes a company that is willing to disrupt the system for a greater good, sourcing a long-term and sustainable vision where people, planet and profit are an equal part of the equation.
And although doing this type of work inside corporations is something that the world desperately needs, a lot of them are not ready to pursue real transformational change. It’s a scary proposition to ask a company, an organization, a government or a group of educators to change the way they do things. However, the world is changing . . . a new economic paradigm is emerging, and thanks to the innovative changes and advancements in technology, people are starting to do business differently. The traditional 9-to-5 job is becoming a thing of the past. Since many companies are not keeping up with the external changes of our times at a quick enough pace, the best-performing and most innovative people are becoming deeply dissatisfied – even depressed – with their “conventional” jobs.
This new mal de siècle is becoming more and more apparent in our society. Thus, many of these wonderfully creative people who have been stuck working in environments that put them “inside the box” are finally deciding to leave the corporate world and go after their own dreams. We are entering the era of the local-global small business (LGSB), and companies are losing their best people because they are not being seen and not given responsibilities and projects in which they can express their leadership or their  true and creative selves.
A true revolution is starting to happen, and le playground is excited to be playing an active role in this new revolution. We see it and are part of it because many of the people who come to our leadership trainings are yearning to find meaning in their Work, Work with a capital W. People are looking for Work that takes into account their passions, their talents, their creativity and the desire to contribute something to the world, to something much bigger than themselves. These are the people who are taking the big leap, leaving the conventional system of the corporate world of the Industrial Era, willing to disrupt the status quo to create something they dream of doing that has meaning and impact. These are the new entrepreneurs of the 21st century, creating their own businesses where passion, people, planet and profit are the four essential ingredients in developing a successful enterprise. If you feel that calling, you may be ready to become an entrepreneur and be a part of the entrepreneurial revolution. This world of postconventional entrepreneurs, of local-global small businesses is one of the important pathways where real change is taking place. Do you feel the calling to be a part of the postconventional entrepreneurial revolution?