training programs

Ready to step out of your comfort zone to enhance your leadership? Ready to integrate creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage to strengthen your impact?

Do you feel the urge to go beyond conventional coaching? Become a leadercoach capable of integrating power and empathy to accompany your clients in a holistic way.


Do you feel the need for change and a longing for something different? Do you yearn to find fulfillment and become the author of your life?

Who? Anyone ready for change.
What? Cutting-edge programs, centered on bringing out the best in each individual, integrating both the rational and emotional dimensions of the human being.
When? When you’re ready to play, explore, connect, have fun, be with the unknown, fail and pick yourself up again in order to integrate your learning – these are essential ingredients for your evolution.
Where? In one of our “playgrounds”, using our highly experiential teaching methodology in a safe, nonjudgmental space, because we firmly believe that adults learn best by playing and by experiencing real situations.
Why? To propel you towards your personal evolution, to enhance your leadership or to become a professional leadercoach.


leadership essentials

Are you looking for a human-centered style of leadership? Develop your soft skills in order to inspire and motivate your teams to create systemic change.

leadership emergessence

Ready to take your leadership to the next level? Our postconventional approach is intentionally designed for you to lead and create from the unknown..

leadership mastery

Lead other leaders, co-creating from everything and everyone in order to inspire, motivate and create an environment for a collective wisdom to emerge.


coaching essentials

Looking for a cutting-edge introduction to the art and science of nontraditional coaching and integral accompaniment? Our playground is waiting for you.

leadercoach essence

Ready for a postconventional curriculum where courage meets empathy? Combine the skillful use of tools and emotional intelligence for impactful sessions.

leadercoach certification

Do you have a desire for excellence? Our certification takes you towards leadercoach mastery to become an arc certified professional leadercoach (acpl).

développement personnel


Is life pushing you to move on to something else? Do you feel that something new wants to emerge? This workshop will open up new horizons for you.

essence in action

Connect to your unique essence to reveal your highest potential, express your creativity and become the leader of your life. Be the author of your own destiny!

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