The Story of le playground

The story of le playground is the story of an innovative company, who strongly believes that the status quo is a mirage. Since its inception in 2006, le playground has reinvented itself three times. le playground fully embodies the evolutionary philosophy that one must continuously surpass oneself in order to be able to meet the challenges of a demanding world in the midst of change.


Lourdes sets foot in Paris with a mysterious box keeping her company.  What could it possibly contain?



It contains a dream– and the box that once kept her company magically becomes a company.  It seems to possess an incredible magnetic force that attracts travelers from all over the world.



First reinvention: the company transforms itself into a coaching school imported from the USA.



The dream is growing and so is le playground. Lourdes gives it her all to put a French touch by offering le playground’s courses in the language of Molière. Meanwhile back in the city of Gaudi…



The magnetic force unites them in the City of Light and their future vision begins to shake the company.



Second reinvention: the birth of the arc  model shows the magic of its diversity.  le playground’s colors begin to emerge.



Third reinvention: the force of their creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage can no longer be contained in the standardized box of the multinational. le playground bursts out of the box and takes its INDEPENDENCE to move toward its emergent future.



le playground becomes an evolutionary playing field for changemakers and leaders who want to leave their impact on the world.  To pursue its mission, le playground has a permanent subscription to “Air Inspiration”.  Its evolution will never end…