You have to live it!

It all began next to the coffee machine, during a conversation between colleagues.

I had been searching for a coach training program for some time. I wanted to complete my training and enrich my work of accompanying the employees at my company.

coffee245“I’m looking for a school to take a coach training program, but nothing I’ve seen so far has convinced me,” I said, drinking my cup of morning coffee.

“Ah!” said one of my colleagues. “I’ve just finished a course that changed my way of looking at accompanying individuals . . . but I won’t tell you any more than that because it’s experiential; you have to live it!” When uttering that final phrase, her face broke out in a radiant smile.

The discussion between colleagues continued, but I didn’t forget her phrase “it’s experiential; you have to live it!”

What could this training possibly have that was so distinctive that one had such a smile upon remembering it? A training program is a training program, period, I said to myself. But my curiosity took over and I immediately called my colleague to learn more . . . and I began the training program.

One day, someone knocked at my office door. I didn’t know this person and didn’t know what he wanted.

Once the introductions were made, our exchange began in a rather surprising manner:

man“I came to see you because I was told that one can really talk to you. Nothing is going right with my work. I’m killing myself working, but no one seems to notice.” Following that phrase, there was a long silence.

I accompanied the silence, and then he spoke to me of his problem while I listened attentively. After he had finished, I replied, “I don’t quite understand. For me, there’s a big contradiction . . . ” I explained the reason for my response.

His face darkened for a moment, and then he said, “No one has ever presented it in that way. How were you able to see it so quickly? You’re right; I never wanted to see my part of responsibility for the problem.” Then he smiled at me.

We continued to have other exchanges at other times.

The last time he came to see me was to thank me. According to him, I told him what he didn’t want to hear, and I accompanied him in going beyond the problem, all the while respecting his point of view and encouraging him.

“I don’t know how to do it” has never produced a good result. “I will try” has regularly accomplished wonders. “I’m going to do it” has resulted in performing miracles.

From the very first day of the program arc leadercoach essence, I began to understand the reason for the big smile on my colleague’s face.

possible2During the training, I learned that we can move mountains with the force of our most magnificent inner self and that we can make a difference in accompanying individuals.

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”
Helen Keller, American writer, educator and social activist